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MYCAB International S.A

This privacy policy has been compiled to better serve those who are concerned with how their ‘Personally identifiable information’ (PII) is being used online. PII, is information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context.Please also note New Data regulation GDPR information stated below in paragraph 13.

Please read our privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your Personally Identifiable Information in accordance with our website.

1. What personal information do we collect from the people that visit our website or app?

1.1 When ordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit card information or the booking details to help you with your experience.

2. When do we collect information?

2.1 We collect information from you when you register / create profile on our site, place an order or enter information on our site. When you register / create profile or you use our booking system as unregistered / non-profile user, you agree to both our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of the booking.

2.2 By registering / creating your profile, it makes it easier and quicker for you to make booing for your travel.

3. How do we use your information?

3.1 We collect your information when you register, make a purchase, sign up for our newsletter, respond to a survey or marketing communication, surf the website, or use certain other site features in the following ways:

3.1.1 To quickly process your transaction/s.

3.1.2 To personalize user’s experience and to allow us to deliver the type of content and product offerings in which you are most interested.

3.1.3 The information related to your booking such as your name, flight number, time of pick up, pickup address, drop off address and attributes selected related to your vehicle & driver are shared with third party service provider to process and execute your booking. We do not share your card information with third party service provider.

3.1.4 We will share your card information with your card issuer (your card issuing Authority) as soon as you register / create profile on our booking application. The information is passed on through Payment Service Provider (PSP) and Acquirer Teller to your Card Issuer.

3.1.5 Your card issuer verifies your Card Verification Code (CVC) / Card Verification Value (CVV) that you enter at MYCAB site. You may be required to re-enter your CVC/CVV, if your card issuer does not or cannot verify immediately due to any reason technical reason.

3.1.6 MYCAB does not save your CVC/CVV at anytime.

3.1.7 Registered customer is not required to enter personal and card information to create booking thus enabling to make the transaction swiftly.

3.1.8 To change your personal and card information, you can do it on your profile page.

3.1.9 To remove your card information, you can delete it from your profile by yourself. You can also add multiple card information.

3.1.10 To remove your profile permanently, you can request MYCAB Support to do that.

3.1.11 MYCAB is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), PCI DSS compliant and ensures all necessary steps as required by PCI DSS are taken to secure your profile and credit card details.

4. How do we protect visitor information?

4.1 Our website is scanned on a regular basis for security holes and known vulnerabilities in order to make your visit to our site as safe as possible.

5. We use regular Malware Scanning.

5.1 Your personal information is contained behind secured networks and is only accessible by a limited number of persons who have special access rights to such systems, and are required to keep the information confidential. In addition, all sensitive/credit information you supply is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

6. Do we use ‘cookies’?

6.1 We do not use cookies for tracking your personal information. However, we do use cookies for address and flight resolution.

6.2 You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies. You do this through your browser (like Internet Explorer) settings. Each browser is a little different, so look at your browser’s Help menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies.

6.3 If you disable cookies off, some features will be disabled that make your site experience more efficient and some of our services will not function properly. However, you can still place orders.

7. Third Party Disclosure

7.1 We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information unless we provide you with advance notice.

7.2 We may also release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others’ rights, property, or safety.

7.3 However, non-personally identifiable visitor information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses.

8. Third party links

8.1 We do not include or offer third party products or services on our website.

9. We agree to the following:

9.1 Users can visit our site anonymously

9.2 Once this Privacy Policy is created, we add a link to it on our home page, or as a minimum on the first significant page after entering our website.

9.3 Our Privacy Policy link includes the word ‘Privacy’, and can be easily be found on the page specified above.

9.4 Users will be notified of any privacy policy changes:

10. How does our site handle do not track signals?

10.1 We honor do not track signals and do not track, plant cookies, or use advertising when a Do Not Track (DNT) browser mechanism is in place.

11. Does our site allows third party behavioral tracking?

11.1 We allow third party behavioral tracking of non-personal data to understand the behavior of our visitors on MYCAB site and to optimize user experience.

12. In order to be in line with Fair Information Practices we will take the following responsive action, should a data breach occur:

12.1 We will notify you as soon as possible with maximum of 07 days via email.

13. Data Regulation

13.1 From 25 May 2018 the new data regulation with EU will be implemented and for that reason
Mycab also have implemented a new Privacy and integrity policy, for details visit Mycab GDPR privacy and Integrity policy.

14. Contacting Us

14.1 If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you may contact MYCAB Support at:

Email: support@mycabtravel.co.uk

Telephone: +44 121 285 7780

MYCAB International S.A

46A avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855, Luxembourg

Last Edited on 2018-06-20

Terms of Booking

Please read the following terms & conditions carefully, as they govern all bookings and modifications made (whether through online or otherwise) for ground transportation with MYCAB.
By making a booking, you acknowledge and accept these terms & conditions in their entirety.

1. Definitions

1.1. MYCAB

MYCAB means MYCAB International S.A (company number B 97249) whose registered office is 46A avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855, Luxembourg.


1.2 MYCAB Promise

MYCAB’s intension is to provide reliable, safe and enabled (flexible) services to you at a fair price and in doing so, MYCAB ensures its best efforts to meet or exceed your expectations.

MYCAB also wishes to fulfill its corporate social responsibility in all regions of its operations.

1.3 “You” and “your”

“You” and “your” means any individual, company or other entities, who places the booking with MYCAB.

1.4 Service Provider

Service Provider is a third party transportation company specialized in the transport of persons. Assignments are conducted by contracted third party taxi company’s own managed vehicles, or by affiliated transportation companies. The contract outlines MYCAB brand promises and minimum service standards to be followed by the service provider.

2. Booking

2.1 For registered users, please also read the new privacy Integrity Policy according to new dataregulation rules within EU (also effect other markets). See link below;
Mycab GDPR privacy and integrity policy
The login ID & password provided by MYCAB® is your access to booking. Booking / amendment, originating through your ID is deemed as your booking / amendment. You can also make bookings directly without registered profile.

2.2 The correctness and completeness of all information related to your booking, including address, number of passengers, luggage and any special need/s related to vehicle and driver is your responsibility.

2.3 MYCAB product segments availability in the inventory is subject to lead-time of the booking.

2.4 MYCAB may subcontract its obligation to provide reliable, safe and enabled services to you.

3. Amendments/ rebooking / Cancellation to Bookings

3.1 Deadline for amendment, rebooking or Cancellation of your booking is listed on your booking confirmation.

3.2 Rebooking is classified as new booking and has a new booking number and new booking terms are stated on your booking confirmation.

3.3 Amendment, rebooking or Cancellation of your booking/s is to be made before specified date & time (lead-time) as stated on your booking confirmation. The lead-time varies from destination to destination world over. It may range from 24 hour to 2 hours. However, for most destinations it is 2 hours. You must check it on your booking confirmation and avoid assumption.

3.4 Cancellation received within the stipulated time will be fully refunded.

3.5 Cancellations request made after lead-time will be fully charged.

3.6 No-show without cancellation will be fully charged.

4. Pricing

4.1 MYCAB aims to offer most competitive rates to its customers globally by constantly comparing its pricing with the other options available to the customer in the market.

4.2 The pricing is benchmarked with basic Taxi service available in that market. However, MYCAB add some extra for other services such as fulfillment, flight monitoring, and additional attributes pre-selected such as baby car seat, green vehicle, etc to ensure availability, reliability, safety and flexibility of your travel compared to traditional taxi industry.

4.3 MYCAB can offer special deals for customers globally or in a specified market based on business relationship.

4.4 MYCAB can also from time to time offer marketing campaign with special pricing to selected customers based on business proposition.

4.5 MYCAB can amend the quotation, if there is any material change to the original itinerary, number of passengers / baggage, route and the type / size of vehicle.

4.6 For the purpose of offering multiple currencies in MYCAB booking application, MYCAB seek exchange rates from reputable financial institution/s. The selection of financial institution for this purpose is at MYCAB’s discretion

4.7 MYCAB only accept payments in currencies i.e. ‘DKK’, ‘EUR’, ‘GBP’, ‘NOK’, ‘SEK’, and ‘USD’. All orders in other currencies will be converted & charged in supported currency.

4.8 Fare agreed at the time of booking will be charged even if you do not avail the full journey.

4.9 MYCAB can change pricing in the system whenever it deems fit.

5. The service

5.1 MYCAB ensures you meet the driver smoothly at the time of your pick up. For this purpose, you are required to provide your mobile phone number (with international code) in your booking information.

5.2 In case you are not able to located the driver at the time of pick up and you have not provided your mobile phone number (with international code) with your booking, it is your responsibility to call MYCAB Support (at published number/s) and inform of any delay or problem locating the driver before making alternative arrangements. In case you have not provided your mobile phone number and make alternative arrangements without informing MYCAB, you will be fully charged even if you are available at your pick up place on time

5.3 The regulations of the relevant National Road Traffic Acts apply during the entire ride, particularly the general obligation to wear seat belts and follow general road safety laws.

5.4 The instructions of the chauffeur must always be followed, as the driver has the responsibility to safely perform the ride and is always attentive to the welfare of his passengers.

5.5 In event of car break down during your journey, MYCAB will endeavor to arrange an alternative car to complete the journey as soon as practicable.

6. Liability

6.1 MYCAB shall use all reasonable endeavors to get you to your destination on time, but shall not be liable for any loss due to delays caused by road or traffic conditions beyond its control.

6.2 Under no circumstances shall MYCAB be liable (in contract, tort or otherwise) for any loss of profits, business or for any indirect or consequential loss whatsoever.

6.3 You shall indemnify MYCAB against any losses, costs, damages and expenses arising from any act or omission of any passenger in your party.

6.4 All luggage is carried entirely at your risk.

6.5 MYCAB shall be entitled to cancel all services and provide refunds in the event of a declared national emergency, riot, war, fuel shortage, extreme weather or

terrorist attack, or other circumstances beyond its control and will not be liable for any claim.

6.6 It is your responsibility to ensure you do not leave anything belonging to you in the vehicle. You must check the vehicle before you leave it.

6.7 In case you leave anything in the vehicle, please call MYCAB Support immediately. MYCAB Support will contact the driver to check if your lost item is in the vehicle and will inform you accordingly.

6.8 Any complaint or claim regarding your booking must be logged with MYCAB within fifteen (15) days of the journey date.

7. Processing of personal data

7.1 MYCAB will treat your personal information that you submit in association with registration / creation of your profile, and your booking, in accordance with MYCAB® Privacy Policy, as stated on MYCAB booking website and as agreed by yourself when completing your booking.

7.2 Please read MYCAB® Privacy Policy before making your booking. Here you also can read about Mycab versus new GDPR regulations by the 25th of May 2018.

7.3 MYCAB ensures your online payment security and is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), PCI DSS compliant.

8. Accidental Insurance / Travel Guarantee

8.1 MYCAB uses third party Service Providers and does not own vehicles or drivers. Incase of any accident in transit, the insurance arrangements are the Service Providers responsibility and insurance terms vary from destination to destination, globally. To seek guidance on accidental insurance in any destination you wish to travel, please contact MYCAB Support.

8.2 MYCAB offers Travel Guarantee on your request at an additional cost. This guarantee only pertains to your departures where you miss your flight due to MYCAB. MYCAB travel guarantee indemnifies you up to Euro 1500, incase MYCAB is the cause of you missing your flight, however, this is not implemented in case you are not present at pickup time.

8.3 To claiming the travel guarantee, please contact MYCAB Support as soon as possible after you miss your flight. MYCAB Support will offer you alternate options. After you choose from offered options, MYCAB will confirm you how to proceed further and will confirm you verbally and via e-mail.

8.4 Please note that you can only claim what you have accepted from the options given by MYCAB Support. You will be required of provide evidence of the claim, such as boarding pass/es, taxi receipt of the approved route etc.

8.5 In case you are dropped off late at the airport and you do not wish to take the next available flight, MYCAB will pay for your taxi drop off to your original pick-up point.

8.6 To process your claim, you must provide your bank details along with your proof of expense to MYCAB Support. The payment is to be credited to your account within 15 days.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1 MYCAB at all times reserves the right to modify its booking application/s in a reasonable manner, in consideration of the interests of the user.

9.2 In addition, MYCAB has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend its services on important grounds, even without informing the user individually.

9.3 MYCAB may change these terms and conditions at any time by posting changes to its website/s.

9.4 The usage of MYCAB product & service conform to the most recent terms & conditions displayed online.

9.5 Please review these terms and conditions regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes.

10. Contacting Us

10.1 To contact MYCAB Support or if you have any questions regarding this Terms & Conditions, you may contact us at:

Email: support@mycabtravel.com

Telephone :+44 121 285 7780

MYCAB International S.A

46A avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855, Luxembourg.

Last Edited on 2018-05-23

Terms of use

This website and its content is copyright of MYCAB International SA © 2018. All rights reserved.

Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following:

  • You may print or download for your personal and non-commercial use only.
  • You may copy the content to individual third parties for their personal use, but only if you acknowledge the website as the source of the material.

You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.

MYCAB International New GDPR Regulation, Privacy and Integrity Policy

This Privacy policy is valid for MyCab International and all included subsidiaries.
More information is also available at homepage: www.mycabinternational.com

Travel Services (“MYCAB”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) respects your privacy and is committed to complying with this Privacy Policy, which describes how MYCAB, as a company serving Comprehensive Ground transport solutions globally, collects and uses the personal data you provide to us. This Privacy Policy describes what personal data we collect about you, how we collect it, how we use it, with whom/which we may share it, and what choices you have regarding our use of your personal data. We also describe the measures we take to protect the security of your personal data and how to contact us.
This Privacy Policy applies to MYCAB’s business managed travel solutions, business travel consulting, and leisure services provided to you, including via MYCAB websites and applications that display or link to this Privacy Policy (hereinafter collectively, the “Services”). Once you leave such websites and applications for others, the privacy policies of the other websites or applications shall apply.
We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully and in its entirety as it relates to your rights regarding the processing of your personal data. As a user of our Services, you understand and agree that we collect, use, and disclose your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
Our privacy practices vary as they must amongst countries in which we operate to reflect local legal requirements. MYCAB materially complies with applicable laws in the jurisdictions in which it operates, including the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by May 25, 2018, in its handling of personal data of persons in the European Economic Area. It is in our legitimate business interests to provide you with the Services which use the personal data provided to us for the purposes described herein.

What personal data does MYCAB collect?

In the course of providing its Services, MYCAB collects, uses, and discloses personal data. Personal data is any information that can be used to identify you or that we can link to you. You, as traveler, meeting attendee, or user of the Services, may be asked to provide certain personal data when you use our Services, such as:

Names and contact information (work and home/mobile phone, email, address);
Traveler/attendee preferences and trip/meeting details (e.g. routings, choice of service, special requests, other personal data supplied by you via your profiles, surveys, or other requests);
Payment data (corporate/personal credit cards, according to secured and approved processes as Mycab is certified as PCI provider) and bank information; such as Travel account numbers, references like cost center etc.
If you submit any personal data relating to other people in connection with the Services (e.g. if you make a reservation for another individual), you represent that you have the authority to do so and we will collect, use, and disclose such personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

How does MYCAB collect personal data?

MYCAB collects personal data:
Directly from you when you access various parts of our Services, including when you communicate with us via email or other channels;
From other sources, for instance the company which you are an employee of or are otherwise traveling or attending a meeting on behalf of (“Company”), including such Company’s third parties who may send us your personal data on your or your Company’s behalf; and
From the network of websites and applications accessible through or utilized by our Services and our company, including third party suppliers (e.g. Ground transportation providers, taxi companies, payment card providers and BTA providers like Banks) and our MYCAB related companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, joint ventures, partners, subcontractors, and agents. This includes personal data we collect automatically through our websites and applications, for instance by using cookies and similar technologies.

How does MYCAB use personal data?

MYCAB Travel collects and uses your personal data for specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes as described in this Privacy Policy and does not process your personal data further in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes.
MYCAB uses personal data to:
Provide it’s Services and fulfill its obligations to your Company and travelers/attendees (e.g. complete and administer travel/meeting reservations, assist in managing the travel/meeting, provide reporting, provide notices about your account and the Services, inform you of updates to our websites and applications and other changes to our products or Services).
Communicate with you, for instance by email, post, and phone or via MYCAB’s websites or applications and to provide you with customer service.
Understand how our websites and applications are used and provide a customized experience as you use our Services, such as by providing interactive or personalized elements on our Services and providing you with content based on your interests.

Fulfill a request made by you or your Company (e.g. reporting, questions, or other requests about your personal data).
Send you newsletters, marketing emails, and other information or materials that may interest you, as well as showing personalized advertisements. Where required, we will obtain your consent before sending such marketing messages or showing personalized advertisements.

Carry out our obligations and enforce your, our, or other’s rights as we believe reasonably necessary (e.g. billing and collection, fraud prevention, comply with legal obligations, and respond to legal proceedings or requests from legal authorities and law enforcement or other third parties).

Who does MYCAB disclose personal data to and why?

Personal data collected is shared with or disclosed to:
MYCAB and its related companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, joint ventures, partners, subcontractors, and agents as necessary to fulfill and support the Services, including emergency bookings and assistance, ticket issuance, responding to requests, and assessing or offering promotions.
Companies MYCAB uses to support its business who provide ancillary services (e.g. fulfillment, surveys, storage, statistical analysis, technology, development, credit checks (as applicable).

Your Company for reporting, auditing, tracking and other purposes as necessary with your Company, including those of its personnel they request we send or make personal data available to.

Third party service providers to complete travel and attendee arrangements and reservations and fulfill the Services (e.g. Global Distribution Systems (GDSs); ground transportation companies and other related travel suppliers for booking/ticketing purposes; industry reporting authorities; equipment and technology vendors, including, without limitation, online booking tool providers, meeting registration software providers (including onsite and mobile event management solution providers), and audio visual companies; visa and passport providers; credit card companies and payment collection and processing companies).

Other third parties as we believe is reasonably necessary in accordance with applicable laws, including laws outside your country of residence to: (i) satisfy laws, regulations, or governmental or legal requests and processes; (ii) identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may be violating our terms of use or policies or otherwise enforce our terms and policies; (iii) operate the Services properly; or (iv) protect MYCAB and those it serves, including pursuing available remedies or to limit damages that may be sustained (e.g. exchanging information with other companies and organizations for the purposes of fraud protection and risk reduction).
Data consolidation companies may also be used by MYCAB or your Company for the purpose of creating reports and related statistics for benchmarking or other related purposes, including, without limitation, utilizing cumulative statistical data, which may incorporate data acquired from your Company for ordinary business purposes customary in our industry and the Services we provide, but without identifying, directly or indirectly, you or your Company.
MYCAB may be acquired, merge with another business, sell, or liquidate its assets, acquire, or buy other businesses or assets. In such transactions, personal data is generally one of the transferred business assets. In the event of an acquisition, sale, liquidation, or merger, your personal data and non-personal identifying information may be automatically assigned by us in our sole discretion to a third party.

Does MYCAB disclose personal data across borders?

When sharing with or disclosing personal data to other parties, including to MYCAB’s related companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, joint ventures, partners, subcontractors, and agents who provide Services and maintain facilities, your personal data may be transferred to countries with data protection laws providing a lower standard of protection for your personal data than your country.
We will transfer your personal data in compliance with applicable data protection laws, including having adequate mechanisms in place to protect your personal data when it is transferred internationally (e.g. Model Clauses, data protection agreements). If you have questions or wish to obtain more information about the international transfer of your personal data or the implemented safeguards, please contact us as provided in this Privacy Policy.

How does MYCAB store and protect personal data?

Typically, MYCAB stores personal data on its servers managed internally and with third party storage providers.
MYCAB uses appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data MYCAB holds on its network and systems from unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction, and alteration. We conduct periodic reviews of our data collection, storage, processing, and security measures to verify we are only collecting, storing, and processing personal data that is required for our Services and to fulfill our contractual obligations. While we make every effort to protect the integrity and security of our network and systems, we cannot guarantee, ensure, or warrant that our security measures will prevent illegal or unauthorized activity related to your personal data. When using our Services, you should be aware that no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed as totally secure. Although we strive to protect your personal data, we do not warrant the security of any data and information that you transmit to us over the Internet and you do so at your own risk.
In order to protect your personal data, we kindly ask you to not send us credit card information or other similar personal data to us via email. We also encourage you to keep your password confidential and not disclose it to any other person. If you are sharing a computer with anyone you should log out before leaving a site or service to protect access to your password and personal data from subsequent users. Please alert us immediately if you believe your password or any of your personal data has been misused. Please note, we will never ask you to disclose your password or credit card information in an unsolicited phone call or email. See also our old Privacy policy connected to handle Credit card and BTA information, on our homepage.

How long does MYCAB keep my personal data?

MYCAB retains personal data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by applicable law. When determining how long to retain personal data, we take into account the necessity of the personal data for the provision of our Services, applicable laws and regulations, including data protection laws, and our legal obligations. We may retain records to investigate or defend against potential legal claims. When retention of the personal data is no longer necessary, the data will be deleted or aggregated for analytic purposes.

What about MYCAB applications?

MYCAB makes available its online applications (mobile and web based) for download from various application marketplaces. MYCAB collects usage information for us to improve the application and to deliver a better and more personalized experience. MYCAB may follow information on your use of our applications (e.g. anonymized statistics on the daily number of visitors, the daily requests for specific usage elements, the countries from which applications and Services are accessed). We use these statistics exclusively for measuring activities and for improvement or adaptation of Services for your benefit. We may also use Google Analytics or other analytics tools and methods to develop anonymized user statistics. MYCAB uses such statistics for the analysis of activities, the improvement of Services, and for communicating findings and product improvements to your Company and other MYCAB clients and prospective clients. Such statistics do not contain personal data and cannot be used for the collection of personal data. In accordance with the applications’ terms of use, certain information about you (which may include your email address, itinerary data, and other information you provide voluntarily) may be shared with third parties as stated in this Policy.

What about links to third party websites and services?

Our Services may in the future contain links to third party websites. Some of these websites may allow you to purchase products and services, register to receive materials, or receive new product and service updates. In many cases, you may be asked to provide contact information such as your name, address, email address, phone number, and credit/debit card information. If you use these third party websites and/or provide your personal data and information, the privacy policy and terms of service on those websites are applicable. We encourage you to carefully read such policies on third party websites before submitting your personal data. MYCAB is not responsible for and expressly disclaims any and all liability related to the actions of such third party websites, their privacy policies, or the terms and content of such websites.

How does MYCAB handle “do not track” requests and use “Cookies” and other similar technologies?

We do not currently commit to responding to browsers “do not track” signals with respect to MYCAB websites and applications. We process your personal data through our websites and applications in accordance with this Privacy Policy, irrespective of your tracking settings.
We may automatically collect information using “cookies”. You may choose to refuse cookies in your browser (please refer to the “Cookies” link below), however, that may limit your ability to receive some or all of our Services, and/or some features may not be available to you or may not function properly as a result.

MYCAB collect personal data of children?

MYCAB does not knowingly collect personal data from children. Individuals under 18 years of age should not use our Services to submit any personal data about themselves.

What are my rights with respect to my personal data?

You may choose what personal data (if any) you wish to provide to us. However, if you choose not to provide certain details, your experience with some or all of our Services may be affected.
To the extent required by applicable law, you have the right to access your personal data and confirm the processing of your personal data. Also, where applicable, you have the right to rectify inaccuracies or errors, erase, restrict the processing, object to processing, and withdraw consent to processing of your personal data, and where applicable, the right to data portability of your personal data. MYCAB will handle such requests in the time specified by applicable law and where permitted by applicable law, may charge a reasonable administrative fee to cover the costs of responding to any such request.
In some jurisdictions, in addition to you agreeing to this Privacy Policy, data privacy or protection laws may require us to obtain a separate express consent for processing of your personal data. Your consent may also be implied in some circumstances, as permitted by applicable law, such as when communications are required to fulfill your requests.

How can I exercise my rights or make complaints?
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or wish to exercise any of your rights as described in this Privacy Policy, please contact us as follows: support@mycabtravel.co.uk

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