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Meet the team - Emelie, Customer Support

Back in September we announced the opening of MYCAB’s new Customer Support Centre in Barcelona. And it’s been a busy period since then as the team has quickly established itself, taking on global support previously handled by several local offices.

And what a great job they’ve done. We’ve had a significant growth in the number of customers, bookings and airports and cities served and the team has delivered an outstanding service with fantastic feedback.

The team handle a wide range of enquiries and support for business travel agents and consultants as well as organisations and individual travellers around the world.

Leading our dedicated TMC (Travel Management Company) support is Emelie Reinman. We spoke to Emelie to find out a little more about what she does and her experiences so far.

Hej Emelie! When and why did you join MYCAB?

I joined MYCAB last year just before we opened the new office in Barcelona. I came to Barcelona from Sweden about three years ago. I joined MYCAB because it seemed to be an exciting opportunity to help shape the team and service, and be part of a growing company and fun place to work!

So what do you do?

I am team leader for the TMC support team. I'm a primary contact for Travel Consultants that want a quote, to make changes to a booking, or if they have any questions really! I’m also the lead for following up on deviations and any complaints. Luckily we don’t have too many, but if we do we have a detailed audit trail of every step in our fulfillment process so I can provide Consultants with clear and prompt response.

As part of my role I also work to constantly develop and improve our support, techniques, systems and processes. We’re lucky to have such great customers that give lots of good feedback, inspiration and ideas. For example we changed our hours to match our TMC customer hours, or updates to our booking confirmation that improved passenger support.

What is best about your job?

It's easy to have a good day in the Barcelona office. Partly because I’m not afraid to call my coworkers my friends! I also really enjoy helping solve problems with people from different countries all day.

The most satisfaction comes when we’re faced with a problem such as several transfers for a group of VIPs in an unusual country, at short notice. When we provide the solution and I hear the relief in the customer's voice, it is really great.

I love to travel and experience different cultures, and this role – partly because it’s in Barcelona, partly because of working with people also from different countries and cultures, really helps me do this.

Outside of work in my free time I indulge my fascination with history, visiting Roman ruins, old castles and museums. I like to escape and recharge, and come back ready to go again!

Tack Emelie!

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